Principle for Mac Shortcuts & Resources

Reference documentation of keyboard shortcuts and resources for Principle App to maximize your efficiency.


General Combination
Preferences Cmd + ,
Hide Principle Cmd + H
Hide Others Alt + Cmd + H
New Cmd + N
Open Cmd + O
Pick Color Control + C
Layers Combination
Add rectangle R (Alt + R to add as child)
Add Text T (Alt + T to add as child)
Add artboard A
Group Cmd + G
Ungroup Cmd + Shift + G
Bring to front Shift + Cmd + ]
Bring forward Cmd + ]
Send backward Cmd + [
Send to back Shift + Cmd + [
Toggle visibility Shift + Cmd + H
Editing Combination
Nudge Arrow Keys
Big Nudge Shift + Arrow Keys
Rotate Cmd + Drag handle
Rotate in 15 degree increments Cmd + Shift + Drag handle
Duplicate Cmd + D
Duplicate and Move Alt + Drag
Inspector Textfields Understand basic equations like "320/2+10"
Inspector Labels Dragging textfield labels quickly scrubs values
Rename Layer Cmd + R
Canvas Navigation Combination
Pan Space + Drag
Zoom in Z + Click
Zoom out Alt + Z + Click
Continuous Zoom Alt + Space + Drag
Zoom In Cmd + =
Zoom Out Cmd + -
Zoom All Cmd + 1
Zoom Selection Cmd + 2
Center Selection Cmd + 3
Actual Size Cmd + 0
Driver Navigation Combination
Pan Space + Drag
Zoom in Z + Click
Zoom out Alt + Z + Click
Continuous Zoom Alt + Space + Drag
Animate Navigation Combination
Pan Space + Drag
Selection Combination
Select Parent Esc
Select Child Enter
Select Next Sibling Tab
Select Previous Sibling Shift + Tab
Select All Siblings Cmd + A
Preview Combination
Change cursor type View -> Toggle Preview Cursor Type
Rewind Prototype W
Start recording video Control + V
Start recording video without cursor Control + Alt + V

Customize toolbar

To customize the Principle toolbar, go to view -> customize toolbar and drag your favorite items into the toolbar.



Resources to learn how to get more out of Principle App.

Learning Description Learn how to use Principle features How Principle can make you design better Reference documentation.
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Inspiration Description
Principle Facebook Group Principle designers Community Fancy onboarding flow
Articles Description A repository of resources that extend on Principle Prototyping with Principle, give it a try, especially if you’re busy Mat Three more prototyping tools compared

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